Frameless Shower Screens

Showerscreens – An Added Design Feature For Your Bathroom

Modern life is moving too fast and all you want at the end of the day is a refreshing shower and relaxation, right? We often overlook the importance of bathroom designs and renovations. But to bring into your notice, bathroom is one of those places, where you indulge yourself and wash away the stress of your daily chores. No need to repeat the spiel, as we all know how a clean and fresh bathroom space can contribute to the family hygiene and health. So if you have been thinking to spruce up the look of your bathroom, take a smarter decision to install showerscreens.

Days of those shabby curtains are numbered, so better opt for a renovation task that can transform the overall look of the bathroom space completely. Helping you in attaining the precise look you desire for, BBS Glass Splashbacks have an excellent selection of quality glass products that can induce brightness to your space. No longer, you have to worry about the dull curtains and mould smelling times, as glass shower screens provide ultimate level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Say Bye to Mould - Opt Glass Shower Screens

Glass shower screens have no joins that attract dust or grime, neither mould grow on such glossy surfaces. No mildew means, no fungal or bacterial growth, which improves the family hygiene and safety levels. Giving your bathroom a complete makeover means, it should not only enhance the visual appeal but also the functionality. Showerscreens installed in your bathroom prevents the water getting splashed all over the area.

Shower in style – that is what glass showerscreens can provide you. Offering you a cosy and comfortable space, these glass fixtures ensure maximum privacy. When it is about bringing style and luxury to your bathroom area, nothing can beat shower screens and colour glass splashbacks . Available in varied array of choices, finishes and styles, you can choose the design that blend seamlessly with any decor.

Stylish & Contemporary Frameless Shower Screens

Framed, semi framed or frameless shower screens – whatever may be your choice, it is sure to add a look of timeless beauty to the showering area. Put your mind at ease, as frameless shower screens give an illusion of more space. Letting the light into the shower enclosure without compromising the privacy, glass shower screens looks sophisticated and elegant in any bathroom design. At BBS Glass Splashbacks in Sydney , all our glass fittings and fixtures are manufactured to the most exacting safety standards. May it is for bathroom redesigning or kitchen glass splashbacks in Sydney , we can assist in you adding a dazzling visual finish to any space. Frameless shower screens that require little or no maintenance are easy to clean and have very high impact resistance.

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